*uitgesteld* Rotzak album release

*uitgesteld* Rotzak album release

Vandal X
After 25 years still going strong, these Belgian noiserock pioneers keep on throwing molotov cocktails at the audience. They shared the stage with legends as Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Barkmarket, Girls against Boys, Unsane,... Come and wish them a happy birthday.

Single 'Blood On The Streets': http://bit.ly/2QN5Vde

Rotzak, a four piece band from Diest, is proudly presenting their first full lenght 'Step Back, Gushing Eggheads'. The band rages through six decades of rock 'n roll history, absorbing it like a sponge and spitting it out, snarling, writhing in agony and joy at the same time.

Toxic Shock
Hardcore legends Walter Schreiffels (Gorilla Biscuits) en John Joseph (Cro-Mags) love this band from Antwerp. Toxic Shock conquers the stage with intense thrash, hardcore punk, while singer Wally is all over the place. In 2018 they threw a party at Graspop, now De Klinker will get to know their tight, unrelenting riffs.

Single 'Great Great Gift': http://bit.ly/35P2nLP

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