Body Cunt + Farsight

Body Cunt + Farsight

BODY CUNT - Belgium's best Body Count tribute.
I.s.m. Rootstown bookings.

"NICE-T, born in East San Diesto, formed the band. He’s known for his brilliant vocal skills and his complex and metaphoric lyrics which can be heard especially in songs such as KKK bitch and Evil Dick. When he’s not performing, he likes outrunning police officers on his bicycle, attending art exhibitions and going to the sun tan salon.

STICKY C, born in South Central Station, is the band’s lead guitarist. He bought his first guitar at the age of five with the money he made from selling crack, chrystal meth and PCP. He learned to play guitar by listening to other heavy metal bands such as Roxette, White Snake and Bon Jovi. He’s known for his lightning quick finger picking solo’s, often lasting longer than the songs themselves.

D-MAROC is a good friend of Vernie J and plays the rythm guitar. He was born in a Jewish neighbourhood and hasn't bothered to move since! Before joining Body Cunt, he played in an Italo-Polish discofunk band. His riffs are as solid as a rock and can rip a man’s eardrums to pieces. He met Nice-T at a black night club where both men were kicked out at the same time for being too white. He is the only member of African breed, which explains his impressive ‘Fro’ haircut.

MOUSSAKA MAN is the band’s bass player and is of Mediterranean descent, therefore qualifying as being somewhat exotic in the band’s line up. He stole his bass guitar from a music store because the owner told him that all Mediterraneans are thieves. He loves to pump iron and is the band’s casanova having dated several high profile women such as Veronica the Cock, Ann Mary Turtletree and Tia Hellbold.

CUNTMASTER G is from a ghetto called Hasslett Heights which is notorious for its high rate of born dead people. He’s of English descent, therefore qualifying as being the proper cunt in the band’s line up. He bought his first drumkit with money he made from robbing rich crackheads in the suburbs. He likes to bang his drumkit in the same manner as he bangs hoodrats. Soft and gentle at first. Then hard and relentless.”

+ Support by local HC legends Farsight